Timeline Guide

Every wedding day is different and there are really no rules as to as to when or where you do it all. Here I have put together a simple guide that most weddings seem to stick by and runs smoothly.

A few things to remember:

  • More time is better than no time, you don't want to feel rushed.
  • Share your timeline so everyone who needs to know what's happening will know.
  • Be flexible, don't stress if you need to venture slightly off course.
  • This is just a guide, it's your day do it how you want.

A quick rundown of the day from the ceremony

3pm - Ceremony (20-30mins)

3:30pm- Congratulations (5-10mins)

3:40pm- Group shot & family Portraits (20-30mins)

4pm- Bridal Party Locations Photo session (1.5-2hours)

6pm- Reception starts.

6:15pm Speeches

7pm- Dinner Served

8pm- Cutting of the cake.

8:15pm- Nighttime photos/Sparkler photos

8:30pm- First dance

8:35pm- Father Daughter Dance

Party Time!

How much time do you need to get ready?

Getting ready timeline always depends on how many of you there are. Here are a few tips on how to workout how much time you need,

  • Hair & make up- If you have the same person doing both hair and make up it is always a good idea to allocate about 1.5-2hours for each person. If you have separate people doing hair and make up then allocating 1 hour for each person works.
  • Once hair and make up is done make sure to have 20-30mins for photos with your bridesmaids while you relax and have a beer or bottle of wine.
  • Allocate 30minutes for your bridesmaids to get ready before you.
  • Make sure to be in your dress at least 1 hour before the ceremony.
  • Working back from your ceremony time will help you work out when you should be starting each getting ready process.